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Innocent people lose millions of their hard earned income due to error in judgment, trusting the wrong guy, fraud by close acquaintances, investment in phony projects, fake lotteries, love scams etc. An astounding over 5 to 6 billion rupees are lost on yearly basis.  Irony is that almost half of it is not even traceable and only a fraction of amount of what is recovered is returned to its rightful owner. In most of the cases the services provided for recovery of your lost money are so expensive that you will end up in having just a fraction of the actual lost amount even if it is miraculously recovered. Another setback is that in majority of cases there is no or very little evidence of transactions available that can help in recovery of lost amount.

If you have lost money to a scammer, the fact of the matter is that there is little that can be done to get your money back. People in the market who promises to do so are trying to scam you again. Just like the others scams, once you pay money to these scammer to supposedly find the money you lost originally, there will be fees to be paid, then more fees, followed by a familiar series of mishaps and escalating costs. When you cannot pay any more money, these people who promised to help you will disappear.
Fact Finders with its team of experts provide you help in recovery of your lost money in a professional manner enabling you to get the best out of what is left. We do not claim 100% success in all money recovery cases as each case requires especial deliberation and results may vary depending on what evidence and information is provided to us.  In case you have already filed your case in the court of law; we may help you in gathering evidence that may strengthen your case is in the court. 


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