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Do you have a fixed system of charging for your services or a standard fee structure?
No we do not have any such fixed fee structure. Requirements of clients are the basis to assess how much we have to charge. The amount is charged keeping in view the details of the case and the amount of effort that would be required to be put in. There are several variables governing the fee structure and every case is unique.
What is meant by Activity Check?
Activity Check is a highly individualized assignment that helps in determining a person’s day to day schedule and activities and the whereabouts and actions of a subject of interest. This is an efficient method to several key elements of a subjects life and may be used to quickly determine what a person is doing, how, when and where a person spends their day and night in a given timeframe requested by the client. Our qualified staff carries out covert surveillance and monitors all the movement of a subject including where the subject goes, whom the subject meets, which vehicle the subject is using etc. This provides baseline information which helps in deciding the future course of action.
How do I get my case registered?
You may send a brief of your case through e mail. Our representative will contact you to fix an appointment with you. Your case will be registered after meeting with you in person.
Where are you located?
Our head office is located in Lahore, Pakistan with our sub offices in all major cities of Pakistan. Clients are encouraged to contact us through our web site or on our cell phone 00923216345555. Your e mails will remain absolutely confidential and you will get a response within 24 hours.
Do you operate in UAE?
Yes we do operate in UAE. We have our team based in Dubai and we cover the whole UAE and also Oman.
Do you have your office in the UK?
Yes we do have an office in the UK. Our telephonic contact is 02035518613. The cases are directed from our UK office to our head office in Pakistan.
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