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Your personal information, which is non-public, will remain totally confidential, however this shall not include any material or information which at the time of disclosure was generally know by or available to the public or which becomes so known or available thereafter through no fault of Fact Finders.

Fact Finders will keep all the information about the case; client and whatever is revealed during the course of investigation, including without limitation, written or printed documents, pictures, videos, audio recordings, electronically transferred data, tangible and non-tangible as confidential and nothing will be disclosed to anyone orally or visually.

We also expect our clients to keep all the information confidential and not to breach, infringe or violate the confidentiality agreement. Our clients, however, will be at liberty to use the evidence provided by Fact Finders in the court of law, or on the media, Internet or for confronting their opponent according to their choice but the source of information shall remain confidential. Fact Finders will not become a witness in any court of law. 

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